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Diving Services

Our divers are experienced professional commercial divers who have been trained in the latest health and safety programmers. They work with regularly maintained high standard equipment and offer at all times a high standard of quality in their work.


We use high quality equipment to undertake off-shore piling for the construction of jetties and strong holds for cable laying barges. We offer an extensive range of pipes for piling varying from 12" to 30". We also undertake sheet piling works with vibro-hammer and power pack


Ocean salvage operations entails the recovery, evacuation and reclamation of damager, discarded, condemned or abandoned ships, crafts and floating equipment's. These operations can be used for repair, re-use, re-fabrication or scrapping of the salvaged items.

Marine Construction & Maintenance

We provide all types of marine construction and maintenance using the latest technologies and designs. We offer periodical maintenance and repair of navigational marks, beacons, buoys etc. in Bahrain and provide full reports including photographs and videos.